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Custom Pet Phone Case
  • Custom Pet Phone Case

    A cute clear phone case featuring custom artwork of your pet :)


    You can use an existing design previously ordered from us, or we can create a new custom design of your pet to be featured on the case.



    Please allow 10-15 business days for completion.

    To speed up the process, a rush fee is available for purchase on the main page.


    If you need any assistance, don't hesitate to contact us!



      If you are ordering with an existing design, leave your previous order # in the "Special Requests" box. If you cannot retrieve it, email me with a picture and/or description of your pet and I'll search my archives.

      If ordering without an existing design, please either email or message @bluewillowandco on instagram or facebook with an image of your pet for the design process to begin!

      In your message, please specify:

      - Subject(s) name(s)

      - Text Color (options found in product images)

      - If you want your pet's name included in the final portrait file.


      Just a friendly reminder, it helps when:

      -Pictures are taking with the pet looking and facing towards the camera

      -Full body in view (unless special circumstance/different design outcome wanted)

      -Good lighting (no harsh shadows, not too dark)

      -Decent picture resolution




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