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Boho Pet Portrait  *DIGITAL*
  • Boho Pet Portrait *DIGITAL*

    Custom boho portrait, hand drawn by me to match the exact likeness of your pet :)



    Please allow 10-15 business days for completion.

    To speed up the process, a rush fee is available for purchase on the main page.


    If you need any assistance, don't hesitate to contact us!



      After purchase, please either email or message @bluewillowandco on instagram or facebook with an image of your pet for the design process to begin!

      In your message, please specify:

      - Subject(s) name(s)

      - Text Color (options found in product images)

      - If you want your pet's name included in the final portrait file.


      Just a friendly reminder, it helps when:

      -Pictures are taking with the pet looking and facing towards the camera

      -Full body in view (unless special circumstance/different design outcome wanted)

      -Good lighting (no harsh shadows, not too dark)

      -Decent picture resolution



      Each portrait includes only one subject, so make sure to select any extras if necessary. A subject can be anything of your choice - whether that is a human, dog, cat, bird, horse, etc. 


      Each portrait only comes with the pet, and does not include accessories such as bows or bandanas. If you want a completely new accessory added, or want to preserve the current accessories' detail, select the prop add-on at checkout!



      The "less detail" option resembles a flatter, cartoon-style drawing while still embodying the boho feel.

      The "mid detail" option captures the special shading of your pet's fur, and works beautifully for pets with unique markings!

      The "high detail" option includes hand-drawn and blended fur, which gives the portrait a remarkable 3-D effect and is great for retaining detail and highlights, especially on darker-furred animals.


      *Human faces will not be fully drawn unless specifically requested and no portrait is meant to be fully realistic in style*

    • Theme vs. Prop?

      Choose the theme option when...

      • You want to include a custom setting for your pet
      • Want to use one of our realistic background options
      • Want the drawing to include one of our season themes (can be found on our insta page if offered)

      Choose the prop option when...

      • You want a small extra detail added (ex. ball, frisbee, bow)
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